Considerations When Hiring Event Hire Companies

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Considerations When Hiring Event Hire Companies

12 January 2023
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Event hire companies come in handy when planning weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and engagement parties. Choosing an event company can be pretty challenging since you need exceptional services during your event. So, how do you select an event company? Below are some pointers. 

Assess The Reputation 

The reputation of the event hire company gives insights into the quality of services it offers to its clientele. Social media reviews and ratings are among the best ways to examine the company's reputation. Nevertheless, it would be prudent to attend some of the company events to know what to expect during your event. Some companies have awards from lifestyle magazines and entertainment associations. Such certifications guarantee that the company is a market leader that pulls all stops to ensure customer satisfaction. Ask for the company portfolio to determine the company's specialisation. Although most event hire companies can organise all kinds of parties, some excel in corporate events, weddings or concerts. 

Evaluate The Available Services

The event hire company must offer the following services; 

  • Event planning services such as inviting guests, choosing a venue, PR and media, securing licences, and notifying strata organisations.
  • Preparing a party program to prevent confusion during the party.
  • Providing party hire equipment such as sound, lighting, tents, marquees, chairs, tables, and décor.
  • Provision of catering services such as food and drinks. The company must also organise a tasting to ensure the food and beverages meet your standards.
  • Ensuring ample security during the event. The company must also deploy traffic marshals to guide drivers to their parking spots.
  • At the customer's request, the company should offer MCs and other critical personnel required to officiate the ceremony. 

Check The Terms 

Assess the event hire company's terms and conditions. For instance, inquire how the company will prepare for the event. Typically, most companies deploy a dedicated team to consult with their clients as they plan the party. This way, you do not have to deal with different people when consulting the company. Then, inquire about the company's expectations. For instance, you could be required to provide the guest list and declare the expected number of guests from the onset.

Moreover, you must declare the guest demographics. The information helps the company determine the type of food, décor, service, and music to play at the event. Check the company's liability policy. Ideally, you should receive compensation if the company breaches the conditions of the contract.